Key dates

  • 1864 Utzschneider und Jaunez company was founded by Edouard Jaunez and the Utzschneider brothers who were specialized in the manufacturing of tiles.
  • 1900 Won a golden medal at the Paris World fair thanks to a 120 square meters rosette made out of 4256 squares inlay drawn.
  • 1921 Utzschneider and Jaunez changed to become the Compagnie Générale du Bâtiment which would turn into CERABATI the contraction of Céramique du Batiment.
  • 1995 The ceramics tiles world leader, Marazzi Group, acquired Cérabati
  • 2007 Birth of the Marazzi Group France
  • 2014 Acquisition of the Marazzi Group France company by the Dorcas Ceramics Limited Group.
  • October 2014The Marazzi groupe became Cérabati Group

Key figures

Strong leadership, sustainable solutions, stable company

  • 1 french production plant located in Paulhaguet (43)
  • 130 employees
  • 25 million euros of forecasted invoices in 2014
  • Production ability: 3 million square meters. In the future: 5 million
  • 1 sample center
  • Storage ability: 2 million square meters
  • 5 million euros of investments
  • 1 R&D center
  • French Production100% certified NF, UPEC
  • 1 sale force of 20 people
  • 3 customer oriented sales directors: Export, BtoC retailing and BtoB distribution
  • 8 employees dedicated to sales administration and customer satisfaction


Ceramic as a vector of difference

GROUPE CERABATI make a true difference with its Ceramic specialty. Its has had a hand in developing Public Works sector for decades and accompanies as a true partner all actors of the French and international market: distributors, promoters and contractors.


Découpage régions Alfacaro


Découpage régions Cérabati


becoming France’s leader group in ceramics!

As a proud representative of french tradition in ceramics, GROUPE CERABATI is quite interested in consolidate his leadership through a network of excellence, based on manufacturing and commercialisation quality, and Innovation.

« Born 150 years ago in France, GROUPE CERABATI turns to day a page of its history and hits on its new route which will assert its personality and its positioning of legitimate French leader in ceramics. An opportunity for GROUPE CERABATI to assert its leadership into the French market is set by its recent purchasing by the international group Dorcas Ceramics Limited, a very active player in the building sector»
Carolle Mercier – General Manager


Groupe Cerabati commits to:

  1. Respecting the natural sites: The Group commits oneself to the salvation of the stone-pits’ flora and its morphological recovery.
  2. Diminishing the polluting emissions.
  3. Optimizing water and energy consumptions: Water and energy consumptions are extensively reduced thanks to waste water treatment.
  4. Waste collection and use system up to 99% : Production waste, machine waters and raw material contained in these… Nothing is lost!