3 key brands…
For 1 high tech group!

Industrial tool, business organization, range of products and customer-oriented service make the CERABATI Group a French leader of ceramics.

Position further strengthened by his 3 key brands: Cérabati, Alfacaro et Grés d’Artois

Proven brands


Quality requirement of a great brand

Cerabati is a sound investment on the French ceramic market. The brand is q unique set of know-how combining technology and elegance.

  • vogue

    VOGUE, French Touch floor

    The new Vogue series is inspired by beveled ceramics used on the Paris metro’s walls and become a global leader in contemporary decoration.

  • Cottocemento, le carreau ciment qui fait grande impression

    Cottocemento, cement tile with deep impression

    Cottocemento cement tile punctuates rooms and gives them movement thanks to an aesthetic and trendy patchwork created by tiles themselves.


A brand of its time

This GROUP CERABATI’s brand is present in national distributors. She combines competence, professionalism and a strong customer service

  • LIVING, l’inspiration loft - AlfacaroLIVING, loft inspiration

    Living elegant series combines technology and aesthetics for public and private purposes. With waxed concrete appearance of this fine porcelain stoneware tile and its colour range, LIVING opens all the doors of home design.

terre d'auvergne

Tile so easy to live with

Terre d’Auvergne offers a wide range of earthenware and interior tile to better meet the expectations of the public.
Terre d’Auvergne is the dedicated brand of DIY stores.

  • Loggia, Terre d'AuvergneLOGGIA

    Learn more about Loggia, the latest reference of Terre d’Auvergne.


Logo Terre d'Auvergne