Rigueur et savoir-faire de valeur

An accurate know-how which combines aestheticism, technology, precision and flawless to answer market’s needs.

Des céramiques pour l'intérieur, l'extérieur et les salles de bains

The Company’s three main brands are your best guarantee to met

Performance au travers de 3 marques de produits de céramique à la pointe de la technologie
GROUPE CERABATI, une expertise authentique française en céramique

Recognized skills for over 150 years in France and abroad based on respect, ethics and environmental protection.


For over 150 years, Groupe Cerabati produces genuine French ceramics

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At the heart of sample and research & development hotspots, our creative, ambitious and passionate team is already working to offer real innovations and contribute every days in latest trends in the world of decoration.

Cerabati, des céramiques Française alliant technicité et élégance
GROUPE CERABATI, des céramiques innovantes et tendances pour une décoration créative et de qualité

A totally customer-oriented team, dedicated to customer satisfaction respecting high French values.

GROUPE CERABATI spécialiste en céramique contribue au développement du BTP (distributeurs, promoteurs, constructeurs)
Le Groupe

Birth of a leader group of over 150 years

Among the key dates that mark history, October the 1st 2014 will now be a date to remember in the French ceramics’ history : Groupe Marazzi France becomes Groupe Cerabati…

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Les marques
Born 150 years ago in France, GROUPE CERABATI turns to day a page of its history and hits on its new route which will assert its personality and its positioning of legitimate French leader in ceramics. An opportunity for GROUPE CERABATI to assert its leadership into the French market is set by its recent purchasing by the international group Dorcas Ceramics Limited, a very active player in the building sector

Carolle MERCIER  General Manager

En savoir plus sur nos ambitions

Dedicated services

Groupe Cerabati has always guaranteed dedicated services & typical French customer-oriented actions for a flawless satisfaction.
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